MMA Edmonton Gyms

MMA Edmonton

Find a mixed martial arts training dojo in Edmonton, Alberta. Join a training center and begin learning the multi-discipline fighting system that will get you into shape, and ready to fight in the street or cage. MMA covers all aspects of fighting, so you will need to find a gym or dojo that can offer instruction in all areas of cage and street combat. Get the latest information for mixed martial arts training and fighting in Edmonton today.

Jujitsu in Edmonton

Learning how to fight on the ground is an essential skill that all MMA fighters must practice regularly. Train in the proven system of Brazilian jujitsu in Edmonton today. Find a gym that will teach multiple grappling systems, such as jujitsu, judo, submission wrestling, and Greo-roman wrestling. When a fight goes to the ground, use joint locks, such as arm bars and leg locks to attack your opponent. Or use chokes, such as triangles and sleeper holds to force your opponent to tap out, or be left unconscious.

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Wrestling and Judo in Edmonton

Controlling an opponent's body is an important skill to have, whether in the cage or on the street. Study judo, and learn how to throw, trip or sweep an attacker to the ground. Train in wrestling to learn tackles and takedowns. Once the fight is on the ground, dominate your opponent by remaining on top and in control at all times.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Edmonton

Striking is an important aspect of MMA. Locate a gym with accomplished kick boxing instructors. Learn the deadly art of Muay Thai in Edmonton today. Muay Thai involves the use of punches, kicks, knee strikes and elbows to destroy an opponent on the feet. Being proficient at striking will improve your rhythm and reaction speed. Kick boxing is also an awesome cardio workout that will increase your stamina. Other striking arts, such as karate, tae kwon do, and boxing will help your MMA game as well.

Edmonton MMA Gyms

Finding a good MMA gym is not always easy. First, you must find a training center that has qualified instructors. These teachers should be experienced fighters and experts at their craft. Next, a good training center must already have serious and hard working students. These practitioners of the sport will become your sparring and training partners. Your success depends on their dedication and work ethic in the gym. Finally, a good mixed martial arts gym must have sufficient equipment, such as clean and spacious floor mats, long heavy bags, hand mitts, and preferably a ring or cage to train in.